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Murray Starkel

With decades of emergency response experience, Murray Starkel's work spans the globe. In 2004, Murray led a team in delivering over $1 Billion of construction and maintenance operations in Iraq. This included the construction of 55,000-square-foot headquarters in just 120 days. Murray's work in Iraq also included coordination of Restore Iraqi Electricity and the construction of a 20 MW generator power plant. In 2005, he went on to lead the daily operations of the New Orleans District Corps of Engineers. The 1,500-member team worked to repair and improve the city's hurricane protection system. In this role, Murray was instrumental in strengthening relationships with White House staff, federal, state, and local leadership, as well as national media to regain trust and confidence in the Corps of Engineers' capabilities. At Gothams, Murray played an integral role in building high-level COVID-19 labs in Washington D.C. and Austin, Texas.