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We build traction for companies by opening new markets for them and helping them grow a multi-million dollar business in the aerospace and defense sector.

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Brian Raymond

Senior Director, National Security Group // Primer

Gothams provided Primer with the expertise required to rapidly place our technology in the hands of government customers. The firm leveraged its experience in the tech, venture capital, and government worlds to open up new markets and add immediate value to Primer. The Gothams team proved instrumental in helping us navigate the defense sector and subsequently winning multimillion-dollar government contracts. I would recommend Gothams to any company that has a technology applicable to the United States government but lacks the capabilities to skillfully connect the dots.

Fred Turner

CEO // Curative

In the face of a global pandemic, the Gotham’s team helped Curative navigate the U.S. Government acquisition pipeline, scale operations, and deliver tangible results in military readiness for the entire nation. We are proud to work closely with the special ops team at Gothams to ensure a scalable, rapid response solution to meet the most critical needs of this global health crisis.

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We identify, support, and scale early-stage tech start-ups and help them engage within the global aerospace, aviation, and defense industry through a 12-week work program in our Abu Dhabi facilities.

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