Gothams’ full suite of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery management services are tailored to address diverse national, state, and local crises, the handling of which are critical to homeland security. With unparalleled planning and operational execution, infused with emerging technology, and empowered by a diverse industrial network that differentiates it, Gothams has cultivated an unmatched track record for excellence. Welcome to the Next-Generation of Emergency Response.


Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Gothams manages emergency response for prolonged and short-term crises alike, from COVID-19 to Hurricane Ida, in the form of operational management, rapid infrastructure development and resource acquisition, large-scale supply chain logistics, and more. Gothams spearheads critical coalition building with the federal government, state governments, emergency management organizations, nonprofit organizations, and other critical services, to provide communities with the resources and management they need to address a crisis head on and ensure lasting recovery.

Critical Infrastructure Development

Gothams develops and constructs custom infrastructure and implements affiliated wraparound services to meet diverse construction requirements for emergent needs and crises. Throughout COVID-19, Gothams managed the rapid building and operationalization of medical laboratories, field hospitals, alternate care sites and their testing and treatment across 41 states; and, in response to Texas' Operation Lone Star, Gothams built and operationalized in under 20 days premier turnkey processing infrastructure.

Supply Chain Logistics and Data Management

Gothams has an unparalleled track record of scaling companies, initiatives, crisis operations and more, from the local to the federal level, through experienced supply chain and data management, to effectively address requirements in crisis situations. In the prolonged COVID-19 crisis, Gothams enabled its partner Curative to scale to 7,000 employees strong, across 41 states, while ensuring some of the fastest test turnaround times via efficient test transportation, meticulous data systems and management, resource acquisition and more. Whether you require the rapid shipment of challenging cargo, management of warehouses, or the implementation of a supply chain management system, Gothams is your single source solution, capable of translating this expertise to rapidly meet nationwide challenges of varying scale.

Strategic Defense Consulting

Gothams leverages its vast expertise and network at the intersection of national security, technology, and business to aid emerging defense technology companies in their growth and development of cutting-edge capabilities to meet U.S. government requirements. Gothams’ decades of U.S. Department of Defense operational and programmatic experience provides companies with an unparalleled lens on their business.