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Matt Michelsen


As Founder and CEO of Gothams, Matt Michelsen applies his three decades in business, technology, and venture capital in Silicon Valley to the challenges and crises facing communities across America.

A lifelong entrepreneur, business leader, and team-builder, Michelsen assembled in Gothams an elite team equipped to help local, state, and federal leadership prepare for, respond to, and resolve crises ranging from a pandemic to homelessness and natural disasters. Gothams’ majority-veteran team executes this full suite of emergency services with operational military precision, while leveraging diverse expertise such as engineering, logistics, and healthcare, and integrating advanced technologies.

From global investors and Fortune 1000 executives to local leaders and nonprofit businesses, Michelsen is highly sought after for his ability to forge high-performing coalitions around unique challenges, a model evident in Gothams’ revolutionization of emergency response operations.

In response to the emergent pandemic, Michelsen, as Executive Chairman of Curative, helped transform the COVID-19 detection startup into a large-scale test provider that worked alongside Gothams to provide testing and treatment, critical infrastructure and more to 41 states between 2020 and 2022.

Michelsen is a proud American, father of three, and passionate philanthropist who calls the state of Texas home and is driven by a mission to uncover opportunities to aid communities nationwide.